Advice & Tools

  • Rate-my-Flat Check what the previous tenants though of a flat and landlord Recommended
  • Otago Flatting Goods Facebook PageIf you need to buy or sell anything from your flats, Otago Flatting Goods is a useful community to join.
  • Flatting Guide Going flatting? Read OPSA’s before looking for flats or signing a lease Recommended
  • STARS Check out the quality of a flat before you sign up for it  Recommended
  • Flatting 101 Dept of Building & Housing’s guide to setting up a flat for the first time
  • Home Energy Self Check How much is it going to cost to heat
  • Powerswitch Find the cheapest retailer for your power needs
  • Mouldy Flat? OPSA’s guide to getting rid of mold
  • Landlord Issues? Check out your rights and responsibilities, OPSA can help you with this.

Check out the implications of fixed-term leases before signing them – you are agreeing to pay rent for the entire time, meaning you can’t move out unless the landlord agrees to break the lease. OPSA recommends periodic leases if these suit you better.

Also be aware that in joint leases all tenants are joint and severally liable – this means if a flat-mate does a runner the landlord can expect you to pay their rent. OPSA recommends room-by-room leases if that suits you better.

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