Smarter Flatting

Click here to download a guide for keeping your home/flat warm & dry during winter.

Turn off lights

Around 8% of electric bills come from lighting. Consider energy saving light bulbs and turn off lights when you leave a room.

Washing appliances

Ensure that your washing machine is fully loaded before switching it on, use a cold wash and quick cycle to save the most water and money

Reduce hot water

Hot water is about 29% of your power bill. Limiting your shower time and turning off the water while you lather up will save your bill greatly.

Open windows

Wet houses are harder to heat. Opening your windows twice a day for 5 ­10 minutes will reduce moisture and mould development.

Dry washing outside

Do not dry washing inside. This on average adds 5L of water into the air per load causing damp and mould.

Recycle what you can

Watch out for the recycling symbol on packaging, remove lids and rinse items before recycling. This will reduce the amount of DCC bags you need to buy.

Choose a good heater

Heat pumps are the cheapest and most efficient heaters to run, while fan heaters will quickly make your bills rise.

Keep mould away

Kill mould with a cheap 70% white vinegar 30% water mix. Spray on mould and wipe away; spray again to prevent re­growth.

Use thermal curtains

Thermal curtains can reduce heat loss through windows by 60%. Apply to get them for free at Dunedin Curtain Bank!