Student Support Service

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Student Advocates

OPSA employs two Advocates to provide students with free independent, confidential and non-directive advice and help with any problems you might have that may affect your study.

This includes – unfair marking or grades, issues with teachers or classes, complaints, student discipline, and plagiarism accusations

It also includes accommodation issues – disputes with landlords, lease issues, and advice on your rights.

OPSA’s Advocates are also able to offer free Budget Advice and are trained Harassment Contacts.

Lesley is usually available 9am – 3pm Mon to Friday. and can be found in the OPSA office in The Hub (where you got your ID card from), or telephone  (03) 477-6974, or email.


Harassment and bullying can make life stressful and unpleasant. You have the right to study in a harassment and bullying free environment.

Otago Polytechnic is committed to providing a safe working and learning environment in which all staff and students are treated with respect and dignity.

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Campus Cop - John Woodhouse

Proctor's Office - Security Centre - St David Street, Dunedin
Cell: 0211905950
Tel: 64 3 479 4883
Fax: 64 3 479 4881

Student Allowance can help with your living expenses while you study.
It’s money that you don’t have to pay back.


Steve Downey 03 479 6094
Paul Armstrong 03 479 4921