Keeping Safe

Tips on how to keep yourselves safe during Orientation and throughout your studies :

• Fully charge your phone before you head out
• Make a plan to eat something before you start drinking
• Lock your flat. Talk to your flatmates about locking up, taking your key with you.
• Plan how you're getting home at the end of your night
• Save some cash or money on your card just in case you need to pay for transport home
• Stick together. It’s easy to lose people in clubs so always let your friends know where you're going
• Have a place to meet up with your friends if you get separated
• Pace yourself, have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink
• Be aware of the risk of drink spiking - don’t leave your drink unattended or accept any drinks that you haven't personally seen poured, especially from strangers
• Look after your friends, are you going home with the same number of people you headed out with?
• Keep to main streets and well-lit areas. 
• Save a taxi number into your phone
• Save Campus Watch contact to your phone: 0800479500
Think about some things you could say if you’re feeling uncomfortable with a situation eg:
- I’m here with someone 
- Hang on I just have to text my friend 
- I have to go help my friend
- I have to leave now, might see you later

Ensure your nights are enjoyable.
Check out the advice from our local police…/alcohol-stay-safe-when-going-out

keeping yourself safe with sex…/sexu…/sexual-assault-and-consent

Safety advice…/sexual-assault/safety-advice