Blues Nomination Form (Administrator)

Criteria to be eligible for an OPSA Award

  1. Nominations will only be considered for achievements covering the period 1st of October (year prior) to 30th September this year
  2. Nominee must be enrolled at Otago Polytechnic for no less than .30 EFTS in the year that the award is presented and must have paid their Polytechnic fees
  3. Must have passed the national qualifying standard set by the national sports organisation
    • In addition, nominees must have passed more than 50% of their course at Polytechnic in year of nomination
    • for this reason the nominees recommended for an award by the OPSA Blues Panel are not confirmed until eligibility and academic checks have been completed)
(as will appear on the award)
Your Details (Nominator)
Personal Details (Nominee)
Study Details (Nominee)
Club Participation
Terms & Conditions (Nominator)

I understand that the person being nominated for this award is aware of their nomination. I also understand that this person will be contacted directly with regards to the outcome of the nomination. To the best of my knowledge, the information provided in this nomination is true and correct.

Waiver (Nominee)

I authorise my name, voice or picture, and any other information given on this form to be used without payment in any broadcast, telecast, advertising promotion or in any other way relating to this event. In addition, Otago Polytechnic and OPSA has my permission to have access to my academic results in the year of my application for the OPSA Blues Award.