Student  Services & Facilities

OPSA operates a number of free or low-cost services & facilities for students:

Services provided at the OPSA Office

OPSA offers a range of handy office and related services: discounted phone-cards, lamination, binding and colour photocopying.  Postage stamps, envelopes and mail collection available, as well as calendars and pens, budgeting & tenancy advice and more... 

The OPSA Office is a good place to find out about advocacy, mediation, and other help.  More information.

  • Mondays to Thursdays: 9am – 4pm
  • Fridays: 9am – 3pm

OPSA also provides free student landlines, microwaves, fridges etc. on OP’s various campus sites

Student Survival Guide

We are here to help and assist you through your studies  – this A-Z guide will give you an outline of services available – please feel free to contact OPSA for more in depth information and assistance.

Student Job Search

SJS is a nationwide students’ association owned service. It aims to place students in work while they study or during the holidays, and has a high success rate.

You can register online at or contact the team by calling 0800 SJS JOB (free call).

Check out Do Good Jobs for socially and environmentally ethical jobs (founded by an former Otago Polytechnic student). More information.

Lost Property

OPSA deals with lost property at Otago Polytechnic. If you’ve lost or found something let us know: OPSA office, 477-6974, or contact OPSA’s staff.

OPSA stores lost property for a three month maximum, after which items may be disposed of.

Graduation Awards

Every year OPSA gives awards for students who have given excellent service to fellow students in their school or class, by helping with course related work, attending departmental meetings on behalf, or has been an inspiration to study with etc. Contact OPSA for a nomination form.

Youth Directory

BASE has been working on a comprehensive directory of services available to young people in Dunedin. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided in the directory is correct, please email if you spot anything that needs changed.

Download the Youth Directory (PDF)