Going flatting or renting? 

Before you think about looking for accommodation or signing anything, you need to check out the following…

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much rent can I afford?
  • What is my weekly income going to be?
  • What other expenses am I going to have? 

Don’t Sign A Lease/Contract Until You Know The Facts & Figures

We’ve put together these really useful links which we urge you to visit first, especially the StudyLink website where you can find out exactly what you are eligible for – please try their calculators to help you with your weekly budget


OUSA’s Flatting page 

Thinking About Study Budget calculator

Flatting 101

Legal Obligations

Before signing a lease check out the implications of fixed-term leases before signing them – you are agreeing to pay rent for the entire time, meaning you can’t move out unless the landlord agrees to break the lease. OPSA recommends periodic leases if these suit you better.

Be aware that in joint leases all tenants are “joint and severally liable” – this means if a flat-mate does a runner the landlord can expect you to pay their rent. OPSA recommends room-by-room leases if that suits you better.