Programme / College Reps

Please contact OPSA if you need contact details for your Programme or College Rep

Being a Programme Rep is a very important role, because you are the “voice” of the learners in your entire programme and are essential in the passing of information and keeping lines of communication open.  Reps get to meet many interesting  people, grow personally and professionally, while gaining an excellent reference for their CV

Most importantly, Reps will be able to assist students and have input into the development of learner services.

Why have Programme Reps?

They are the link between the Polytechnic, academic staff and the students on your programme.    Reps are appointed to ensure there is a flow of communication through OPSA to the Polytechnic,  where all opinions and suggestions can be voiced.

Role of the Programme Rep

Reps are mainly concerned with academic or service matters such as quality of education , service delivery and provision of student services on campus.  Their primary role is to convey and facilitate concerns, suggestions and issues raised by programme learners to the appropriate forum – OPSA offers Reps direction, guidance and support

Each full time programme will be asked to appoint at least two (2) Programme Reps to represent you.

Role of the College Rep

Two College Reps will be appointed from the Programme Reps for each of the four Colleges – they will be responsible for Programme Reps within their College and will meet at least twice per semester – College Reps will join the OPSA Advisory Board members and may be members of the OP Student Council

Contact OPSA for a copy of the current Programme Rep Guide